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New Patient Reviews:

The team here at Delgado Chiropractic has helped thousands of patients get better. We want to do the same for you! Here’s what some are saying :

Beneficial Treatments

I really enjoy my appointments and it’s even more beneficial combining the chiropractor sessions with a massage at the same time. This is by far the best movement / body alignment / stress relief that I’ve experienced and I’ve tried a lot. Thank you! -Porter J.


I visited Dr. Delgado with the hope that I’m going to be helped, as I was suffering from arthritis of the spine. I was in severe pain and I could hardly walk. He explained everything to me and assured me that he’s going to restore my life back. My first miracle that happened to me was to breathe properly, I know that sounds weird but trust me I was extremely excited. When I went for my visits there were huge improvements, I could walk properly, think properly, more active, like walking, dancing etc.I even sleep better.
This all happens naturally, no pain medications or injections. The staff members are amazingly friendly and professional. Thank you Dr. Delgado, you are the best! -Priscilla D.


I have been very impressed with both the manner in which I have been cared for and also the impact of the first few treatments – it has made a substantial impact on the pain that I was experiencing and I can at least sleep at night without pain. I will be definitely carrying on with treatment. -Pat S.


All the staff were attentive, caring and for me that’s very important. Robert’s approach is truly unique and fills me with renewed hope for living a life in which my body’s outdated mechanism of trying to cope the stress is no longer needed. -Lynton S.

Feeling Better

I feel better in myself; I hardly feel any pain at all now. It’s really amazing. I just feel more alive, more get up and go than I have ever had before. Things just aren’t a chore for me anymore.-Lynn R.


I have more feeling in my arms and legs as well as more responsive back muscles. As a contractor it has helped with increasing strength in lifting. It has also improved a problem with my neck.-Dean J.


I was in the middle of my dream vacation and my back went out. I took a chance on seeing someone other than my regular chiropractor. Everything about my experience with Dr.Delgado’s team was professional and amazing. Within a short time, my pain was easing and I was able to continue on with my holiday. I am so grateful my hotel recommended Dr.Delgado. -Kerry G.

Always Seen On Time

Always seen on time and always have a full explanation of what treatment is being carried out and why certain things are happening etc. I would certainly recommend you to others. Keep up the good work. -Kate B.


I really appreciate the print out showing the areas of concern. It helps to have something visual to assist with understanding the problem.-Stacy S.

Extremely Impressed

I am extremely impressed with my care to date. You have helped me in more ways than one, and for that I am really grateful. -Amanda R.

Big Ups To Chiropractic

I would recommend this kind of health care to anyone who hates medicine like I do, with the adjustments you get to understand how your body works and pain goes away on its own you don’t need pain tablets. After many years of sitting with pain on my lower back, struggling to lay on my back and front, standing was a nightmare – I already lost hope of getting my life back on track but after just two visits to the chiropractor I could feel the difference. I feel lighter and stress free now. Big ups to chiropractic. -Ngeleza H.

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