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Meet our Sea Point Chiropractic team

Dr Chantel Da silva

Dr Chantel

Dr Chantel Da silva

As her wonderful Instagram page reveals, follow her @silvahands_chiro, Dr Chantel is as passionate about Chiropractic as peanuts are about butter.

A seriously fun loving person, Chantel is never too serious for a laugh. but what she is serious about is her commitment to the people she serves. Dr Da silva believes that the power that made the body, heals the body. This philosophy is especially ingrained in her work. Inspiring people through talks, social media and consultations; that cultivating healthy habits is the key to a vibrant happy life.

Her focus is to bring the awesomeness of Chiropractic to the South African corporate world. Her mission is to make adjustments in the work place a common practice.

She saves lives, one spine at a time.

Dr Ronnie Cloete

Dr Ronnie Cloete

Dr Ronnie Cloete

Dr Ronnie Cloete qualified as a chiropractor in 2009 at the University of Johannesburg.

Because of his previous sports background (represented Namibia in golf), his passion lies in the role chiropractic has on the sports field. He worked as a sports chiropractor at a number of sports events, which included being involved with Collegians rugby club.

“Even though I enjoyed treatment on the side of the field, I soon realized that there was so much more to chiropractic than pain relief and biomechanical improvement.”

Chiropractic care also improves the functioning of the nervous system, which translates into improved human performance.

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Not only does it prevent chronic injuries, but it improves co-ordination and position sense, reduces muscle fatigue, and increase the functioning of the pre-frontal cortex in the brain.

Countless sports stars use chiropractic, which includes Usian Bolt, Lance Armstrong and Tiger Woods. There’s a reason why every NFL team in America have their own chiropractor.

Dr Ronnie also realizes that not every person is a sports star. “The benefits of chiropractic are the same, whether you are a sports star or not. For example, the elderly have a reduced risk of falling and injury due to improved co-ordination and position sense.”
His mission is to give his patients the best chance possible to live life at their peak, whether it is on or off the sports field. Your body will perform better at every aspect of your life.

You only have one spine. Take care of yours.”

I Love My Family!

“My wife Nadia and I got married in 2010 and we have been blessed with two beautiful daughters age 2 (Zara) and 4 (Rae). Fatherhood is has definitely been the most challenging part of my life, but in the same breath it has also been the most rewarding. That moment when you sit on the beach with your wife and see the 2 kids playing in the sand, you just realize how amazing life can be.

Dr Brittany Anderson

Photo of Chiropractor Dr Brittany Anderson

Dr Brittany Anderson

Dr Anderson studied at the University of Johannesburg, she then went on to run six practices in Newcastle, Ermelo, Volksrust, Vrede, Vryheid and Dundee. She decided to follow her dreams to live in Cape Town and is enthusiastic about working with the Delgado Chiropractic team.

She believes that “The human body is an amazing instrument that can be used to create endless potential on the earth. It has the magnificent ability to heal itself with the power with which it was made. Chiropractic gives the body the tools to aid in the process to achieve optimal health”. As a chiropractor Dr Anderson is passionate about assisting people to reach health and wellness of each person she sees.

When she is not busy in the office she loves spending time with family, friends and animals and she enjoys nature, hiking and travelling.

Life is too short not to live each day to the fullest; health is the greatest asset we have to achieve this.

Massage Therapists

We are also blessed to have some of Cape Town’s most talented massage therapists working at Delgado Chiropractic. They are highly skilled with over 10 years experience and work closely with our Chiropractic Doctors.

Thanks for visiting our site. we look forward to meeting you in person and learning how we may be of service to you. Give our clinic a call, or email us and let’s arrange a time to explore your options.

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