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How to eat well even while you're on holiday

Today we have a guest blog post from Cole Millen…. Enjoy!

How to Eat Healthy Even When You Are on Vacation

Whether you travel a lot for business purposes or if you are planning an upcoming family vacation or getaway, knowing how to eat healthy will ensure you do not gain any weight you have worked hard to burn off prior to actually taking the trip. Understanding how to eat better regardless of where you are will keep you feeling healthy, happy, and satisfied throughout the entire duration of you trip.

When You Are Flying

Any time you are planning a trip that involves flying and you want to eat healthy throughout your trip, eating a meal prior to boarding is highly recommended. When you eat before you board a flight you are less likely to indulge in beverages and snacks that are not the healthiest of choices. Be sure to explore any airports you visit in order to find foods including salads, wraps and other healthy choices that you can have before boarding if you are truly in need of a meal.

Finding a Healthy Hotel

Once you have arrived to your final destination, finding a health-oriented hotel can be done by asking locals, visiting the hotels yourself or even conducting a bit of research using your computer or a mobile device. You can compare features, amenities and the type of health luxuries that are provided at each hotel by browsing online before booking a room anywhere you plan to visit. I went to Red Sox game on my latest trip and found a great site that offered consumer reviews to provide information for my booking. I pulled up a list of reviews for Boston hotels and was able to read about the amenities offered as well as the restaurants in the area. Needless to say, it was a lifesaver.

Avoid accepting the mini fridge key if you want to ensure you stay out of alcoholic drinks or any unhealthy snacks that may tempt you. When you order room service, be sure to be as clear as possible about special needs when it comes to ingredients you can eat.

Ask about all options if you are provided a free continental breakfast and be sure to eat plenty of whole grains, fruits and vegetables that are available to stray away from unhealthy alternatives.

Dining Out While On Vacation

You can find healthy restaurants while you are on vacation or a business trip by asking your hotel concierge at the front desk or by conducting a bit of research on your own from home. When you plan to visit a healthy restaurant, seeking out a location that provides salads, seafood and other healthy options is highly recommended to avoid encountering issues with the available menu.

Ordering everything from fresh salads and soups to light wraps and sauces is also recommended when you want to eat healthier any time you travel. Avoid foods that are high in sugar, starch and carbohydrates if you do not want to gain weight or feel bloated while you are traveling or on vacation.

Knowing a few tips and tricks when you are on vacation can ultimately mean the difference between gaining weight or maintaining your current weight even if it does not feel as if you are eating more than usual. The more self-aware you are of the foods and drinks you are giving your body, the easier it is to maintain positive control over your weight and health.

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