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Returning Home to Offer Natural Healing

Dr Robert Delgado began practicing in London in 2006, after his graduation from the Durban University of Technology. He went to the UK set on gaining a deeper understanding of what chiropractic could do for people. First, he worked as an associate chiropractor but quickly worked his way up to becoming the primary doctor at the practice. Through mentoring, coaching and attending seminars all over Europe and the U.S., he developed an awareness of combining the philosophy of chiropractic with modern science.

Eventually, Dr Delgado missed home and returned to South Africa. He’s set up a family wellness practice in beautiful Sea point, supporting the health of the Cape Town community in a brand-new facility with a stunning ocean view.

Optimising Your Wellbeing

Our practice members are seeking a way to improve their overall health and use chiropractic care as a vital component of a better lifestyle. We strive to help you build your resilience to stress so that you can live a higher quality of life, filled with the activities you enjoy.

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Your brain and body are linked via the spinal cord housed within your spine. The health of your spine affects the health of your brain! When the brain and body communicate properly, you can adapt to stress and perform at you highest level. Chiropractic is amazing at naturally reducing pain but its affects are far more reaching then that. Chiropractic is about restoring proper communication between the brain and body, enhancing health performance and your ability to adapt to your environment. The pain reduction is a welcomed side effect.

Educating Community Members and Area Businesses

Delgado Chiropractic is also an educational facility that offers talks both on-site and off-site. Dr Delgado does our in-office talks about once a month for our practice members about chiropractic and living a lifestyle of wellness. We also offer external talks at businesses, sports clubs and events to educate the community about healthier living. Our chiropractors even have satellite practices at Corporate buildings to provide on-site healthcare. Read more about it here!

We offer early visit times and Saturday appointments. Contact us today to book your time!

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